June 15, 2005

Happy Hols Girl!

In this wonderful world,in these glad times,there lives a girl who simply loves being alive… doing things she most cherishes, meeting people whomshe so loves, finding stuff she most desires… Her life was busy and hectic… very hectic, I must say. She loved her life and her work. But yet, sometimes, she did, like all other normal people, want some free time, to not do anything, to laze around, to read, to write and most importantly to dream. But she couldn’t do all these to her satisfaction on normal days. Time had wings and was always flying. ‘Aye gal, Not a second more shall I give you to stop and stare,’ Father Time with his beard and scythe used to tell her. And suddenly, for all the uncribbing work she had done over the year; for all the occasions she had simply smiled at Father time, and uncomplainingly moved on, Father Time granted her two whole weeks of holiday! And the girl clung to her holidays like moss to the well and ah, what joys and pleasures she filled in them. And as it always happens in all fairy tales, this dear li’l girl, lived happily ever after.

And as it always is the rule, fairy tales ought to be told to all, and hence I narrated my own little fairy tale, for lack of other narrators! :D

It’s nice having a holiday. Filling every moment with activities that massage my soul so well… so well… that it feels all rejuvenated, fresh and anew! I’ve had a whale of a time these 5 days, I declare. Oh actually, 7 days! Beforemy design exam, which fell on 10 and which required no preparation, I went off for a marriage( on 9) . There, oh my god, I had SUCH a time! Yummy food, old relatives met after ages, new friends made and ah… DANCE! I just Love to dance and that is what I did, when presented the opppotunity. Danced like mad… danced like crazy… but yeah, danced well- as all present complimented.
Its sooooo nice to get compliments. I so love them, as you all do! It feels nice and special!

And then, for the marriage, my grand parents had come from Coimbatore,now that they’ve left Cumbum for good(sigh!) and its so nice to have them here…

Design exam- went super! We had a choice between designing a snack bar and a living quarters for a PHd student. I picked the latter and did a satisfactory work!

Had a grand reunion of my XII class at Pizza Hut. My first visitto a pizza house and a good experience. Had Garlic bread( ah… yumm!), Tandoori pizza and Veggie Supreme( Both excellent!). The Non Veggie’s in my class had some other mutton/ chicken stuff with pineapple. Er… no comments on that! But more than food, it was meeting ten of my old friends, that made my day. Some, I’m seeing after more than a year. And it fel like the good old times to be gup-shupping again! Ah… school life was so nice- only due to friends!!! LOVEYOU ALL!!!

A visit on Sunday to Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi Koil made me very very calmand happy. The koil is very very well planned. It’s been executed in the form of different levels for different shrines. It was so nice, climbing up and down to see the various idols. It felt good, I say!

Then a brief 10minute stop at the bezant Nagar beach- near shrouded in darkness, with the sickle moon shining above, silently whispering into my ear,” Child, don’t fear your ol’ friend- the sea. She’s always calmed you. No more dread. Forget everything that’s happened. Venture into her.” Yes, I washed off my fears about the sea that day. I wanted to. And I did. And it makes me feel brave to have gotten over a fear since December 26!

Then a trip to Aaru Padai Veedu on Coastal Road, Besant Nagar. The way to the koil was simply beautiful. My sister and I, couldn’t stop ‘ooh’ing and ‘aah’ing at the wonderful houses there. The shrines enclosed were also very aesthetically done and each ‘sannidhi’ had a different column type- entablature, capital, shaft, abacus, base et al! Indian Architecture is Splendid, I always have loved reading about it.( For others like me, pl read Percy Brown’s Indian Architecture- Buddhist and Hindu periods. My god, he’s amazing!)

On coming out, we saw this man and his wife selling ‘manga-pattani-thenga’ sundal. I so wanted it, that my mom got it. It turned out to be tastier than the pizza that I ate in the morning. All said and done, Indian food is the best. Nothing else fills my appetite so well!

Then movies- Anbe Sivam, Chandramukhi and Main Hoon naa again… had a great time watching them. Anbe Sivam- as it always is- was a ‘filling’ experience. Being my most favourite movie, I just couldn’t resist watching it again. Its a classic! It makes me cry, every single time. And this time, strangely, I cried the most-only next to the amount I did the first once! I don’t know why. I guess, the more I’m learning about this world, the more I feel, this movie is to be watched by the worldmen! Chandramukhi- ah… a brilliant movie.Wholesome entertainer. Drool over Vineeth and his dance. And also drool over the first macho man I ever fell for- Oomaiyyan! Okie- I forgot I do like Hrithik,but not for his muscles!
Main Hoon naa- I din like it when I saw it first cos I expected way too much depth from the movie. This time, I knew what it was about, and hence I enjoyed and liked it. Hilarious and full of exaggeration- It has lovely songs!
Mujhse Dosti Karoge- just finished watching it! Great movie. I loved the theme and I LOVE Rani ever since Black and Veer Zaara! Very entertaining and not very predictable.

Books- aha starting to feast on them! Finished two books in one-and-a-half days! Okie- both Children’s classics only. But I LOVED them- Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Polyanna. No other book than children’s classic EVER kindles the same happiness in me! They can’t, cos they are more honest, beautiful and true- something you never can find in the so-called ‘adult masterpiece fiction’. I liked Da Vince Code, Tell me your Dreams and stuff. But there was always a disturbing thought in them. Da vinci had murder, betrayal, etc. TMYD had Child molestation. But these lovely lovely children’s books have none of them. They are pure,like the rainbow from a prism. And I love to see them play across my life!
Music- Well, not listened too much except for a while with my BEST friend. The song I’m fida over,now is ‘Woh Lamhe’ from Zeher. Man, it ROCKS!!!

Writing… mmm… should complete my unfinished stories and start the muhurat for the ideas that have been there in my head for quite sometime!

Ah… blogging- stillcan’t do it everyday. Amma’s curfew, ever since the telephone bill came! *wicked grin*
But I tell you,it feels just great to bne blogging, even if not many people visit me! I just have this medium to express myself. What more could an aspiring journalist want???

A week and a half left. College reopens on 27 June. Sad, right?
Well, till then, Happy hols girl!!!


Harish said...

hehehe, did u know my college begins on 27th as well? *evil grin*

JD said...

Muhuhuhuhahaha! We get 3 months of vacations! In the summer alone...

Rakesh said...

well you enjoy your holiday my college has already started...#sigh#

Vinesh said...

Now I think I know what the phrase "full of life" means :-)

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