June 19, 2005


Well, SK you are again gonna ask me what’s with everyone and food! I guess all we do during holidays is eat. At least, true for me!
Well, so here goes…

As this girl here has her hols, she’s been majorly watching movies! And guess what she found? Movies and food are inseparable!

It started with Hum Aapke Hain Koun, I guess, this obsession with food! One whole para in ‘Dulhe Ki Saaliyon’ was dedicated to food…

Aji Rasmalai- Aapke liye
Itni Mitayee- Aapke Liye
Pehle Joothe-Khayenge Kya
Aapki Marzi- Naa ji Tauba!

Then DDLJ saw Satish Shah’s parivar eating 24X7. Duplicate had this famous dialogue- ‘Karela Bhi Tha’ and well one full song- ‘Wah ji Wah’ was dedicated for food. I find that song very cute..

Okie! If you thought that was the end, then in recent times, Mujhse Dosti Karoge had ‘Gobi ke Parathe’, Dhoom had ‘Gaajar ka Halwa’ and Veer Zaara had ‘Besan ki Laddu’ and speaking about Laddu, how can I forget K3G? Hrithik himself was nick named Laddu!!!

Phir Bhi Dil hain Hindustani saw ‘Kela/Banana’ playing a cameo. Kal Ho naa ho had Jaya ‘Jenny’ Bachchan running ‘Café New York’( later changed to New Delhi). And well all swanky pardesi food names keep popping up- one cappuccino, one double espresso, two cream bagels(low fat!) etc!

Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam too was very ‘foodie’. Remember that scene with Salman Khan? He he!!!

If you still think, that’s not enough, then come to the Tamil movies-
Kalyana Samayal Saadham-ah popular beyond words! Then, there is ‘enna samayal’ from Unnaal Mudiyum Thambi. Not to forget one whole character in Michael Madhana Kama Rajan being a cook.
Nala Damayanthi had a lot of food talk. In Anbae Sivam, the ‘pipe bomb’ Cucumber helps Ars and Sivam meet. And that unforgettable ‘food art’ which makes Bala fall for Nalla, then the selling of the shoe to fill veggie Maddy’s hunger with Chicken limbs!

Now that I think of Maddy, Minnale and RHTDM feature him feasting on some Non veg food. Oh Maddy- why??? ( Asides- hey did ya know Maddy blogs?Anyone who knows his URL, pl pl tellme! : ) )

Food has had an association with every other movie you see, in one way or other? Does it go to show, how obsessed we are about food?
What’s with food and movies, I still am unable to figure out!


Harish said...

It's 11:30 in the night.

Thanks for making me hungry. X(

BZ said...

LOL! Sandhya... I am hungry now too...
You guys seem to have amjor fun over the holidays. I wish I had a summer vacation now!! :))

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