June 11, 2005

food for thought

“ Kalyana Samayal Saadham
kaigarigalum Pramaadham!
Indha Gourava Prasadham
Idhuve enakku podhum
Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa…”

It is simply great to eat! Yes… that too in a marriage! Such varieties that you get! Man… someone was totally right when they said the best way to reach a man’s… or rather, a woman’s heart is through the stomach.

I love to eat tasty food.Well, who doesn’t? And though the world’s best food is still cooked in my grand mother’s pots and pans, I do love kalyana saapadu.

It’s a pleasure to even look at the menu- paal payasam, paruppu chaadam, urlakazhangu, koottu, applam, pappadam, chips, yummy rasam and sambhar, vadai, fruit pachchadi, beans poriyal and jangree!

Iespecially like to mix the rasam and sambhar in a unique proportion to obtain that delicious concoction, which can never be prepared at home; even if the same measurements are used. One-as it can be prepared only from the kalyana rasa-sambhar. Two- my mom wont hear of it!!!

Evenings- sample the north Indian specialities- biriyani, poori,roti, channa, rasmalai,rasagulla, badam kheer, gulab jamun, bisibelabath( ok not N.I special!), Cauliflower Manchurian, etc! And digest it with a paan.
Er: I don’t eat the paan. I shamelessly eat the inner stuffing and throw off the vethalai!

Yumm… I could go on and on… And tho I just had my milk, strangely, my stomach seems to grumble! This is what I call ‘food for thought’- the more you talk about it, the more you need food, for thought! :D


Vivhyd said...

hey.. sapadhu.. always on my mind too.. when i was in hostel, in the beginning i hated the food.. but later started liking it and then when it was breakfast, i was like oh wow today is say tuesday so.. it is this and after lunch.. whts for tiffin? and after tht dinner :)).. so if hostel sapadke.. ivvalo naa.. kalyanam sapadhu. chanceae illae.. and don't forget the coffee after each meal.. just love it... can't wait for someone to get married in my family next..

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

He he Vivhyd... I just had yummy food at my relatives marriage... ha ha ha... You must be jealous now... And yeah.. the coffee is ambrosia,man!!!

krishna said...


u relly got me drooling arnd for sumptuos kalyaana saapadu wid those vada and payasam..simply unbeatable..

unfortunately am gonna have to wait for at least 6 mnths b4 i leave 2 india during the winter break and hopefully expect sumone to get married..:(


Unknown said...

Sandhya, neeyumaa? Everyone is talking about kalyaana saapadu nowadays:(

Vivhyd - looks like you are missing it more than me :)

Vani Viswanathan said...

thank god sandhya...
that you didn't write this post when i was in hostel...or you'd have incurred my wrath! now that i've had some kalyana sapadu, it's ok.... :D

Vikas said...

Hey biryani is not North Indian. Well technically north of chennai but only as north as Hyderabad!

Cheers and happy grumbling!

Harish said...

u've jus incurred the wrath of all desis sitting abroad. :)

Have fun!! :P

Anonymous said...

I have been eating sambhar mixed with rasam since my childhood :) My only regret is that I cant do this mish-mash in a formal setting :(

BZ said...

Nice blog there...wats with everyone writing about food?? ;-))

Last kalyana saappadu I ate was my own :))

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