April 05, 2005


Rainy days get the best out of me- poetically, spiritually and intellectually. They extend their arms, embrace me in an eternal hug, and make me feel -all elevated!
It all began with the sun going on a vacation and the grey clouds playing substitute! “Long long ago, in one sleepy hamlet where haunting shadows and sudden silences were born…” was how I felt about the world around me. The Master painter wielded his brush to paint the world in grey and oh what a ‘picture-postcard’ beauty the world was!
On the long way to my college, the windows offered a breath-taking view of ‘Chennaiyil oru Mazhai kaalam’.
Sleepy kids coming out of wet thatched huts, people running for shelter towards the nearby tea shop where the piping hot concoction was being brewed, pretty women flaunting colourful umbrellas, wet wet buildings that just seemed to have been scrubbed new, fresh smell of earth emanating to tantalize my senses, a roguish wind playing about my hair with its rainy friend splashing a few droplets onto my face and the green trees looking all splendidly decked up in white bridal flowers stretching its arms wide towards heaven, as it awaits its handsome groom.
Ah, the million feels the heart feels the same second, when the heavens huddle up for a good cry- Oh inexplicable! Philosophy runs through my blood on rainy days. I count my million blessings. A silent smile penetrates my every action. I can feel such joy, that there’s a spring to my step and a spirit in my work. Something divine sometimes steals into my soul and makes it feel an unbeknownst tranquility; that which soon transforms into verses few, whose fragrance not only richens me that second, but spreads the same ages later!
Rainy days with slush, overflowing drains, irate auto drivers, et al still make me feel that the world is having a wash and is taking my soul for a li’l wash too; so that it appears all nice and shiny; clean and bright- unpolluted with worldly fumes and as pristine as The Maker once made it- in that infinitesimal second of creation that bore me!
The distant drumming noises,
Seemed a million flutes at play.
The pitter-patter was melody,
Drenching the world in its rhyme!

How the trees curtsy,
How the wind bows!
No picture more perfect than thee,
Could one in life see…

Woo…! The chilly wind,
Strikes the face with its might,
Oh now a riot of colours emerge,
As the world plays in rainy light.
Are dreams blowing, or is it the wind?
My heart does soar, my soul does sing!
Secrets huddle up in the sky,
The heavens ready up for a good cry,
The trees do dance and sway today
The earth bows down for a divine pray
Oh dear, asudden,this world seems new,
Joy from its wee buds, blooms true!

A richer tinge adds on to the leaves’ green,
A browner hue cuddles the bark,
A bluer blue embraces the sky,
Oh! The world is having a bath!


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