April 16, 2005


Heard of heart throb,yes; but Eye throb???
Well, this is what i've been suffering from for the past 4 days at a stretch!
my eye nerve has been throbbing continuously for heavens know why!
Ask amma and she goes..."Its supposed to be lucky"( No luck has come my way yet!)
Ask paatti and she gives an I've-seen-worse look.
Ask sis.. and she has a "wow, how interesting!" look
Ask cousin and she advices professional help.
Thatha and appa...well...THEIR ignorance is MY bliss!
Now...I'm asking You!
Why does it throb???


Vani Viswanathan said...

hey man...
think i'm having the same problem too! romba padikariyo?;) adhnaale than irukkum! aana enaku yaen varudhunnu theriliye...lol

Sheks said...

kannadi podu!or else chennai-eye vandhurum!stop watching TV!dont strain urself even to the infinitesimal amount.which means dont study!:)

Harish said...

romba padicha ipadi thaan!

cha, enna thavira ellarum studying :(

Prabz said...

Edho Solla Thudikudhu.. I can read it for you ;)

Chakra said...

right eye thudichaa luck nu kelvi.. but i dont hav that experience.. if it continues, better consult the doc.

Anonymous said...

Naan nenichen it was because of Harish planning another bloggers meet!! :)
But seriously, get to see a doc!

Unknown said...

Stop watching DD, seriya poidum :D

silentyogi said...

may be your eye is directly connected to your heart :)

by some invisible cord

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Twinskku ore samayathila onne aagum... Unakkum enakkum edho poorva jenma bandhamo???
me already kannaadi. Actually lens.
read my latest post
Chakra Sampath-Danks!
Praveen- no DD these days! :(
next bloggers meet- T-nagar!
ha touchiteenga!

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