April 10, 2005


On top of the world(er… at least the city), I had one of the best experiences in my life. The date- 9 April 2005.
Time- around 5:15.
Location- St.Thomas Mount.
My first blogger’s meet where I got to meet people who share a common passion- expressing themselves through their web logs. Eleven of us-Sophia-the person who organized the meet and selected this beautiful place for the meet(http://www.carmalin.blogspot.com), Ravi Kumar(http://www.ravikumar.blogdrive.com, http://www.justravi.blogspot.com),
Sudhir( Thanks so much for dropping us!)(http://www.sudhir-lp.blogspot.com), Nirenjan(http://www.nirenjan.com), Chandrachoodan(www.selectiveamnesia.org), Siva, Sekhar(http://www.shekys.blogspot.com), my dear class friend Arvind(http://www.blogglegoggle.blogspot.com)
Co-organisers Praveen(http://www.pravunpluggedblogspot.com)and Harish(THE greatest Rahman fan I’ve seen in life and one of the wittiest and like-minded friend I have)(http://magixncurses.blogspot.com) and I met up near the Halt and shop shopping centre and proceeded to the mount after brief introductions. The climb upwards threw Chennai’s prettiest sights but this was just the beginning. On reaching the top, the sight in store was one of the best ever. Chennai city draped in a filmy mist, owing to the recent showers, looks her best from here, people!
As we went about exploring the place, praying at the church and oohing and aahing at the splendorous surround, conversation abounded. It was so nice getting to know all of them.
Till now the only bloggers I’ve met are Sudhish, Karthik Subramaniam, Ramya Kannan( when I went to the Hindu office) and Harish( during a culturals). Of course, Arvind and Vani too! But that was all. Meeting so many at the same time was a novel experience altogether. We spoke at length about so many things- architecture, my wanting to leave early ;), blogging, Chennai, The pope’s visit to St.Thomas Mount( ha I actually stood at the very spot where he had. Didn’t I feel divine?), etc etc.
Came back home so excited and happy, amma was sure that I was possessed!
I am continuing my vote of thanks now… ;)
Thank you amma for allowing me to attend the meet. If not for you, I couldn’t have had such a rollicking enjoyable two hours!
Thank you Arvind,if you hadn’t come along, I couldn’t have made it to the meet!
Thank you Harish, for coming all the way to Guindy Railway Station and for being the greatest Rahman fan that you are!
Thank you Sudhir, for dropping us in your car!
Thank you Sophia, for selecting St.Thomas Mount. But next time its T.Nagar, remember!
Thank you all others for making my day!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandhya
Sounds like you had fun

Murali said...

Had a lot of fun huh Sandhya..
Location vandhu semma scene-a irundhudhu nu magix sonnan...

Cha!!! miss pannitein.... :(

Harish said...

chinna ponnu Kishkintha poitu vandha maathiri ezhudheerukae :)

but yeah, it was pretty interesting!

oy.. mailing list unkitta thaan irukku.. anupi thulai!
and yeah, Praveen link seriya illai.. adhayum seri pannu! :)

Unknown said...

"chinna ponnu Kishkintha poitu vandha maathiri ezhudheerukae :)"
ROTFL :-))

I had to exclude the vote of thanks coz u had munthified!! :-)

Vani Viswanathan said...

yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy sandhya...
hehe...i saw u in the photos after a long time!!!!
waiting to see our dear ol' friends again! just 16 more days for me to get back! :))
hey ya sure, next meet should be in namma ooru, namma t.nagar, wogay va?

che sara sara said...

hi sandya first time here
nice to have u there...
i didnt do anything...just selected the venue...
anways...do visit mine when u r free i have a scrrible story in mine..

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