February 21, 2005

‘THE’ girl

I walked around aimlessly,
With nothing worthwhile to do.
Feeling exhausted yet ready for excitement,
I stood without a clue!

What am I doing?
Killing time mercilessly?
I wondered and then stopped,
For my eyes fell upon a dancing girl,
Who seemed perfect and flawless!
She had a mouth blooming with smiles.
She was a beauty to behold,
A masterpiece painted with passion.

Her self was all a-hope,
Distant dreams she wanted to bloom
Her dance was one- bewitching!
Full of grace, style and beautiful moves.

Oh! How perfect she seemed,
As I stood in awe and rapture,
What a great person, she is,
The Creator’s one great creature!

And then it occurred…
After so long…
That, that perfection,
Was this very soul only!

Well, if only everyone thinks the same\!
Why should, God, I blame?


Harish said...

Whats with the font change for every post??

Harish said...

I was wondering when I posted that!! :)
lotsa Harishs in Blogsville

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