January 18, 2005

Morning 'ROW'Ga

Many mornings, on my way to college, I chance upon a boat on Cooum\ Koovam- Chennai’s ‘unforgettable’ river, the part that flows below the Adyar flyover.
Amid all the stench, I really don’t understand how he could ‘row, row, row his boat’?
It makes a beautiful picture though. The grey(or is it the blackest of blacks?) waters flowing below are transformed almost golden by the early sun and the man and his boat are silhouetted against it!
With such a dexterity he rows, pushing back the oars with his might, creating little ripples on the dirty water.
It…strangely…gives me hope, an ungrounded confidence that the day that comes is full of promises. It makes me believe that humanity has it in itself to stretch to achieve.
If amid all the stink…the stink that tortures your nose for five minutes even after you leave its place of origin, this man could comfortably row his boat, then we are nowhere behind in possessing the endurance to overcome the odds.
Yes people… there’s still hope in life and strength in you and I… just grin and bear awhile. Pain passes…

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