January 16, 2005

In Pursuit of the khewl/cool…

(with sincere thanks to my dear friends Nanditha and Abishek for giving me the idea)
So first things first…
What is khewl? It’s that phenomenon that seems to be ‘in’, ‘hot’ and ‘happening’.
For instance- piercing a hole below your lip or getting a tattoo done on heaven knows where.
People, in pursuit of the cool, according to my opinion, turn up very very uncool. Ok, there’s nothing wrong if you try to be one in the happening crowd. Every human does that. Everyone needs to be a part of the crowd. Seclusion is definitely not any youngster’s cuppa tea.
But then… there’s a limit. Risks and dangers are associated with these innumerable piercings and tattooing and if, not followed, may not have a happy result.
Peer pressure plays an important role in a modern day youth’s life. Agreed that friends are heavens’ gift of siblings we never had. Doesn’t that then mean that these friends should not force somebody else to take up drugs, smoking or drinking? Lots of the wrecks emerging these days are from the college- going crowd. They lose their identity, self-respect, ambitions, dreams and themselves in their pursuit of being THE guy/girl I the college.
People need to understand that someone who forces or thrusts something on you was neveryour friend and never will be. The one who understands your life-style and accepts you as you are is the friend you are looking out for.
We can be cool in a million other ways too. Be someone whom everyone looks out for in times of trouble, be the first one to go the extra mile, make sure people around you are always happy. Oh aren’t these assets to your personality? And don’t these make you popular too?
Be cool but see that you do not become cool in exchange to your respect, morals and ethics. That, my dear friends, was never cool and will never be!!!

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