January 16, 2005

ARCH and I

Recently a few friends of mine and I went for a building construction site visit.Being architecture students, we need to document the whole process of construction of a building for our materials and construction subject.
Since the building process takes about half/one year depending upon the no. of floors, availability of materials, labour, etc, we have decided to visit more than one site for the purpose.
Our first site was in Ashok Nagar- a flat of two blocks with 2 floors each. When I stepped on the site( finished only till the basement level), some out-of-the-world feeling seized me.
For the first time, I realized, I am to be- an architect. From mere nothing, I shall one day build marvelous structures. I’ll design,plan and watch it grow inch by inch.
Oh… I realized how much of satisfaction it will be, to see your dream-project executed,your creation created or why… your ‘baby’ fully grown and standing shiny, elegant and beautiful- justwhat you always wanted itto look like!
Ah… I just can’t wait for the end of these five years…
Sandhya Ramachandran B.Arch


Harish said...

"Sandhya Ramachandran B.Arch"

Makes for a catchy movie title. :)

Kiddin kiddin! :D

Twin-Gemini said...

These are the best days in your life, dont wish for it to end soon. You are going to be doing that stuff for the rest of your life once you get done with your degree. So enjoy these days to the fullest. I work full-time now and many a times I think about my college days...I can never go back to my college days - the best days of my life.

Have you seen the steel sculpture by Anish Kapoor, called "The Bean". It's nothing big, but something really cool to look at. It's in a place called Millenium Park in Chicago downtown. I have pictures of it in my blog, if you would like to see it. It's my archives, at http://twin-gemini.blogspot.com/2005_01_01_twin-gemini_archive.html

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