December 27, 2004


What a movie… Such honesty, such a clean film, Such high ideals, such exceptional acting! Fantastic songs, marvelous cinematography!
I loved the movie!!!
Shah Rukh was awesome and looked ages younger than he is. It is different from the normal roles he does and he doesn’t fail the expectations.
Gayathri Joshi was good though her dance can be far from appreciated!
Ah… I loved ‘Yeh Jo Des hain tera…’ I cried for the song. The picturisation is amazing and touching. ‘Yun Hi chala chal’ is different and nice. ‘Yeh taara’ is cuddly cute! ‘Pal pal hain bhaari’- oh except for the dance, everything else is good about it.Seriously, WHY should Gowariker make her dance when she is so not graceful!!! I was sad that they did not show ‘Aahista Aahista’. That song is clearly one masterpiece and they have cruelly cut it out of the shows! ‘Dekho naa’ is surely much better in Hindi than Tamil. ‘Saawariyan’ has beautiful lyrics, picturesque settings and beautiful choreography.
I adore Kaaveri maa and the dear postman( Jai Bhajrangbali!!!).Mera naam was also a really well etched character.
The movie was simply, unruffled and neat. That is what I like about movies. They should have a strong theme, should not be preachy and should be decent to watch. Swades had it all.
There was such truthfulness and honesty in the characters and such sensitivity and underplay in the portrayal. Man… Ashutosh Gowariker is surely one rarity in directors. I fact, I’ve started to like him more than Mani Ratnam. To tell the truth, I did not like ‘Ayitha Ezhuthu’ much. The acting, story, music and packaging were good, but somehow the movie did not appeal to me!
Laggan and Swades, though have both stirred my heart deeply. They are so rooted in the nation’s tradition- something which I like deeply- that they created an immediate impact. Trisha’s character in Ayitha Ezhuthu- one very hollow, but sadly existent and true in present times- put me off!

Oh… , I feel proud to think that I have seen Ashutosh Gowariker playing the role of an aspiring actor in the DD serial ‘Circus’( along with Shah Rukh) , a million times!

Speaking about movies… People… go listen to the music of Kisna. It is inspiring and soul- stirring. Especially ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ and ‘Hum hain is pal yahan’. Magix ‘n’ Curses thanx for the cassette review. That made me buy it!

Oh… now I am looking forward to Aamir’s 1847, a revolution. That sure is going to be one great movie!!!


Harish said...

I loved the movie too. Slow, but very beautiful. Every single frame had a story to tell. The symbolisms and directorial touches were nothing short of brilliant.

And hey, thanks for mentioning me. :)

You mean 1857, The Rising dontcha? :)

Vani Viswanathan said...

that was a nice blog abt that amazing movie...i'm surprised why very few like it...
but there's one thing i can't believe abt cud one movie make you like ashutosh more than mani ratnam?????

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