December 12, 2004


Little Miss Perfects, prim and proper ladies out there and dear mama’s darlings- lis’n up! This is all about you- mean nasty things with no kind word strewn in!

It takes all kinds of people to make the world. But it takes just one species of mankind to irritate- the Perfections!

Ha… but hear you being pulled down, torn to shreds, scolded, preached at and being… oh worst of all… compared to what happens to be the biggest mistake of God- Perfection- is what I personally feel is HELL!(I’ve felt this many a times, though not recently. Yet something forced me to write this blog.)

“She can sing, she can dance, she can do anything in the world.She’s beautiful, and she’s kind. She’s this, she’s that…”goes momma about her ickle sweetums!

“Oh…you know about my boy? He’s so good at sports. He plays anything and everything. He’s the school pupil leader. He’s very generous blah blah blah!” brags papa.

Huh! Enough of these goody goody people. It irritates, bites, cuts, stings and oh, does every possible horrible stuff to you.

Well an accomplished person- fine we’ll give them their due. But those irrevocable pieces of goodness that fear to even move a muscle lest they be called improper- ugh…I feel so disgusted!
Be good, alright- no one’s stopping you. But being soooo good with not a single flaw is so not human- why doesn’t anybody understand?

Human beings are a mixture of good and bad, sweet and sour! You need a little streak of evil, a glint of mischief and a scoop of wickedness in you to remain human.

Too good a person is not a person at all. They are so eeh ugh yucky! Just so unnaturally good, that I’m sure they have a devilishly bad side to them.

I wish people don’t go about with one “I am ironed and starched” look, too.They are bodies without souls. There’s no ANYTHING about them. They just exist along with the pillars and cushions and chairs. No spirit, no will, no fire, no spark, no enthusiasm, no life at all. They go about their routine in one ‘soi…’ droning way. Nothing worthwhile ever happens to them. Even if it does, they play it down so much, that it doesn’t seem worthwhile anymore.

Come on, you live your life, but once here and you need the world to know you LIVED. What’s the very use of living, if all you do is just stick to the rules and not dare, not be bold or creative or do anything differently?

Wake up you show dolls out there! Start gearing up for some fun. Go do bungee jumping or at least go for a roller coaster ride in your life. Do something- HAVE AT LEAST A BLEMISH IN YOUR LIFE! Be silly, stupid or dumb for a while. MOVE! Make your presence felt with some ACTION!

I might have been exaggerating and over doing a bit, but yes, there REALLY are perfect beings on earth! All I want them to be is to scale down or underplay their goodness so that we not-so-perfect (in my case ‘total crazy imperfection’! Oh God, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU CREATED ME???) People are not really discouraged in life.

Ha… the soul feels free…it is human. Its written some insulting stuff; unfurled a malicious grin.Ah…I’m happy I’m not ironed and starched… and blessed are the souls that are imperfect!!!
© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall