December 02, 2004


This blog comes your way after the writer devoured Dan Brown's amazing masterpiece-"The Da Vinci code".Oh my god...the book is a proof that when there are master story tellers, the reading habit won't die...JUST WON'T!!! It leaves you with a satisfaction... not of your heart, but of your brain. Never heard of such a thing, right? Read it to believe.
It is one cannot-be-put-down kind of book with so many twists, riddles, suspense, shock, adventure etc in it. It is sooooooooooooo fast paced and gripping that I actually forgot doing anything other than reading it. The story extends for only about two and a half days in a few people's life and Dan Brown has retained the interest all through the 400 odd pages.
People this is a request...DO READ IT!!!It's an extraordinarily good novel that starts your brain's clock ticking...

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Sherry said...

yes..Sandhya, Dan Brown is awesome..this Code runs for two days but his other one "angels n demons" for only ONE day. :D

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