November 18, 2004


I have just had a soul-wash!I’ve got backsomething essential I had lost in the last 8months.Hunter…Orion…Ifound you again.
Ever since I learnt about the universe in my tenth,I’ve been having trysts with Orion.I have talks about faeryland with it,pray to it,wave it a hi and do all sorts of crazy(yes) but sweet things.
Eight months back one fine day…er night, I couldn’t find it.The skies have seemed empty from then.But today I found it in those skies and I’ve got the piece of soul that it took away fromme back.
Ah…I feelcharged,refreshed and altogether so blithe!!!
Love you dear Orion!


Prabz said...

Huh.. I never looked at stars in that way.. Nor I had the eye to figure it out.. how do you do that?

Harish said...

Orion, Scorpius, Taurus, Lepus.. ugh! How do u even tell them apart?

I'm so err, space-blind (I'd have said ignorant.. my ego got in the way!) that I won't be able to recognise the constellation even if the stars arrange themselves in a pattern to actually spell out O.R.I.O.N.

They say u need an inner eye to spot this. Is that what they call a telescope? :)

I'm actually kinda jealous. And that's pretty natural, being a person who'd been thinking Canis Major was a dog that turned 18.



Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Thanks for all your regular comments.I guess you have to be a ‘star’ in star gazing and dryads,centaurs and other creatures like me are born with this ability!he!he!
Your blogs are really good.Iliked the one about ‘Deva’.I lol reading abt the ‘why why why why!’Oh I VERY badly want to hear the song!!!
A few queries…
How do I list my favourite blogsites in my site?
How to use smilies in my blogs?
How can I have a poll?

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Ha…I’ve got a regular reader other than Suderman!So so proud!And yes…doesn’t this pink backdrop look good?

Harish said...


"Thanks for all your regular comments."
No problemo. I enjoy reading ur blogs.

"centaurs and other creatures like me are born with this ability"
Harry Potter fan too? :)

"Your blogs are really good."
Thx, do keep dropping in when u find the time. And listened to that song yet? :)

As for ur queries, *rolls up his sleeve*

" How do I list my favourite blogsites in my site? "
Err.. I tried giving you the code. It wasn't allowed in this comments field. I'll get back to this.

"How to use smilies in my blogs?"
Well, the only way is to upload a pic off the net somewhere. Shyam gets it from i guess.. I've uploaded a few Yahoo emoticons. Here are the links..
smile :) :
grin :D :
sad :( :
wink ;) :
tongue :p :
mischief :> :
shocked :o :
angry x-( :
blush :
heart :
heartbroken :
doubt :-/ :

Use ur upload picture option in ur Compose message box n paste the link.

"How can I have a poll?"

Blogger's got a reply for you in it's help section.. Here. :)
Karthik S uses Bravenet, if I remember right.

phew! catch ya later.. Keep Blogging!


Harish said...

Good.. Blogger's got help for ur link query too.. :)

jus replace h6 with h2 class="sidebar-title"My good deed for the day is done. :)

Why dont ya set "Who can comment?" to "Anyone" in ur comments settings? Right now, only Blogspot users are permitted to comment.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Thnx all of u.Harish...i'm trying to add the links!thnx again!

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