February 22, 2014


And no,
there are no definitives
Things will happen the way they will
a master puppeteer pulling strings
a tug for you - a snag for another
Will, work, try- all illusions
destiny has written her tales
there is a time when the cards will fall
a time when the empire will rise


Destiny, the crafty witch
sniffing around lives
scribbling punctuations
not an end, a comma
a fullstop to draw to close
dramatic exclamations
question marked confusions
and sorrow wails its story
quivering within an ellipsis

like dunes of the desert
the ever changing planes
destiny the whistling wind
charting the ebb and the flow
and when on a whim
stages out the play of a mirage

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall