February 25, 2014

Bombay Diaries

24 December 2013
My neighbour plays carols early in the morning and makes them the earworm for the day. There are cute, ugly, frail, beautiful, gigantic Christmas trees lined all across the streets in the market place. My friends are making Christmas baskets. There are serial lights strung on trees and walls and whatnots! (I am tempted to string some across my head and light 'em up! :P) There is a smell of love, festivity, togetherness and celebration all across the city. While Deepavali down South is a definite winner, Bombay is totally Christmas' city! I think I will burst a nerve with all the Christmas-sy excitement! Merry Christmas, dear world! Hopefully, there are some beautiful times ahead for all of us! 

19 December 2013
The city on a chilly morning is a quiet, calm almost unrecognizable expanse. To witness a city waking up generally makes you fall in love with it. But in a city that never sleeps, it is like seeing it go through a warm up exercise routine. Just a stretch in its existence! And with this city you fall in love - for its relentless spirit and strength as much as for its foggy wintry beauty!

8 December 2013
In this 'maximum city', it so happens that sometimes you can reach neighbouring cities faster than you can reach neighbouring localities!

30 November 2013
Impromptu plans are not for this city. And if you still make some, borrow wings or learn to apparate. Or maybe, begin your lessons in indefinite patience. Nirvana is on its way!

26 October 2013
Situation 1: I am in the house and the door bell rings. I try opening only to find it locked from the outside. I knock from within, my all-in-one man who does plumbing electricity and carpentry knocks from the outside and finally opens the door. Me: aap ne darwaza baahar se band kiya? Him: Mujhe gussa aa raha hain ki aap aise mere baare mein soch sakti ho!!!! 

Situation 2: 
Me: bhaiyya! Paani loft se kyun gir raha hain. Mera room poora geela ho gaya! 
Him: tankipipeupar
Me: Kya?????
Him: tankipipeupar
Me: Achchaa...!

Incoherent vague villainy mumbles, pipe bursts, blackouts and what not- Bombay, you and my plumber sure are dramatic!

24 October 2013
True love comes in the flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg, is brown and steamy and brings a smile on my face every time we meet! 

22 October 2013
To escape traffic, I moved to a house near office. Little did I know the house was on one of the busiest roads around here! Gah! All the same!

18 October 2013
In mumbai traffic you could grow old, expand your families, live lifetimes, be born as new avatars and yet you may have not crossed Andheri east to Andheri west! Such is life also! Thankyouverrymuch for these lessons. I am saving it for my autobiography!

8 October 2013
The brokers of Mumbai sure think I am high maintenance! Neither of us are getting anything out of this, are we now? :/

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