December 31, 2013

Goodbye, 2013

I will look at the scars
and run my fingers over them
they wouldn't hurt -
dried and just a flesh memory
of a gone-by ache.

I will meet on the streets
strangers with carts
selling my memories.
I would probably
buy a couple of glass jars
for a laugh

on a winter's night
while rubbing my toes
A song will wriggle in
through the crack at the door - 
I will smile without tears

I will thank you for what has been - 
an year of darkness and fears - 
without a shudder
and whisper into your ears,
"You made me grow"

Today, however, 
with all delight, 
all the happiness I can gather 
between two shivering palms, 
I bid you farewell!

Do not turn back,
Not now, not yet!
Keep walking,
and let peace come instead.

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Vyazz said...

My sentiments exactly........ :)

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Maira Gall