May 14, 2013

Everyday Writing: Chapter 12

*Inspiration: KMC, lots of leaves, Ahmedabad summer, conversations, L.M.Montgomery(of course!), Kaze no Shoujo Emily

dedicated to Naina Shenoy for all the cheer and love* 

There is a certain slant of light
that illuminates the leaf
sneaking a peak inside
face pressed against the pane
as if a drop of sunshine
stays dancing on its vein

The air is dry with longing
trees lie limp in the absent breeze
the parched earth sighs
and the dust stomps its feet
but the rogue leaf's laughter
echoes across the streets

thirsty dogs saunter
to shaded corner spots
a drowsy silence reigns
within the city walls
And yet the rebel leaf sways
to the imagined wind calls


anoodha said...

So vivid! And I so know that leaf ;)

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

But, of course, you do! ;)
And thank you!

naina shenoy said... true.
thank you :*

naina shenoy said... true.
thank you :*

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