April 14, 2013


I have been missing home. South Indianness. The sprawling temple compounds with their temple tanks and puffed rice gulping cat fishes in them. I miss the red bindi-ed poo kaaris and the spitting vegetable waalas.

It hasn't been long since I left home. And I am also doing exactly what I want to do, here in Ahmedabad. Nevertheless, there is a pang of homesickness that has been enveloping me in the past few days.

Old songs, memories from childhood, remembrances of films seen while growing up have been playing in my head over and again.

Maybe I miss the safety net, the cocoon that is home and family. Or maybe it is the realization of how difficult it is to maintain a house, take care of one's own expenses etc that is all coming together to make me realize and thank my stars for the wonderful protected childhood I had.

I wish distances were not so much, once again in my life. This one word called 'distance' has played around with the events of my life far too much to my liking. I really wish home was a wingflap away and I could just take flight instantly for a wee bit.

For now, I shall keep listening to the songs and trusting my memories to create its comfort deep within my heart.

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