January 27, 2013


(Wanted to attempt a funny piece, ended up something else. But this is how it looks like finally- a mish-mash! :P) 

And fear visited me one day
In the guise of an old maid
Not shying away from showing
In how many ways I could be afraid

"Keep the bed soft and ready
and on the table, a coffee tray
Make room for me in your life now
For I am here to stay,"
the intruder to my space
said with a nonchalant face

She made her niche in my drawing room
And put her cosmetics on my shelf
Called my table a pig sty
And treated me like a house elf

I plotted many a cruel ways
To uproot her from my house
But when I decided to execute
them, I scampered off like a mouse!

The wrinkles added up to a thousand
On her pale old shrunken face
I was hoping she would die soon
And was merely counting her days!

Afraid, alone and shivering I sit
No mercy on me, has she shown
I wait, covering in a corner
As she treats my house as her own

Days pass by and so do the seasons
and yet her end doesn’t seem near
She cackles louder and shriller too
And I sit still, shrouded in fear! 

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall