January 04, 2013

2012, my letter to you

As is my usual practice, 2012, here's my letter to you. No, I will not give you any salutations, because you treated me like shit. Okay fine, you were gadgety good. But that's pretty much it. You gave me fake promises and crash landed every one of them. You took away a dear one forever and I can never ever forgive you for that.

Thank you for getting over and getting lost. I shall never again entertain an year like you. I have decided from now on that no matter whatever number you come by with, I am taming you, making the year dance to my wishes. Slavery may have long been abolished, but who cares, I am gonna make every year my slave.

I'll meet you in the eye and live without fear NO MATTER WHAT!

Call it arrogance, call it foolishness, call it whatever you want!

I must however thank you(grudgingly) for the one good- however INDIRECT- thing you gave me back this year- MY SPIRIT!

I had lost it while being tossed about, beaten around and getting confused in the horribly difficult process of growing up. In all the terrible trials, events and tricks you piled on me in your 365 days, somehow, I rediscovered what I once believed in, what I used to be like.

So 2013, come on in and be my best friend.

Like you even have a choice, anymore!

*rolls eyes, grabs 2013 by the hand, and walks away with a bloody large grin plastered across the face!

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