May 02, 2012

Bleating for rain!

In the sleepy fringes of the city,
the rain falls.
an unknown fury in its fall
hiding in its sound
the pietous cries
of a wailing woman

as the wind howls
through cracks in walls
and huge unused drain pipes
a little child stays awake
scratching at window panes
tracing the slithering routes
of water snakes the drops make

as threats of a storm
gather up clouds
to strengthen its troop,
a new born shoot
shivers in joy
as water drizzles down
welcoming its birth

under the dazzle of light
and the boom of thunder
as a fear untraceable
ripples across the city
two love lorn puppies
snuggle closer for warmth
a faded film poster
of the hero-heroine
coming to rescue
on a rainy night

far away in a distant city
burnt with the heat, and
weathered to a dull decline ,
two dreamy eyes,
hungry for rain
put to pen a vision
with a hope and prayer,
for a little shower
to paint her night 

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall