May 05, 2012


This is my 500th post and I wanted it to be special, like I've wanted everything in life to be. Somewhere in my search for the special things, I have probably lost out on very many things.

However, this post is not a lament.

So I decided, I won't wait for that perfect poem or that well-worded prose to mark the 500.

I decided, I was just going to be write a simple toast to this space that has meant so much to me- a partner since 2004, unflinchingly listening to my raves and rants for eight years now. Okay, we have had our tantrums as well: posts that disappeared before getting published, drafts that surprisingly never got saved and very very many appearance adjustments that sometimes ended in a fiasco. 

But we have come beyond it all in this ride, and I am happy I still have this blog as proof for how juvenile I had been, and how so much better I have turned out. I mean, I could have been worse! (Go read my old posts. Or rather, please don't!!!)

I have often wondered why I post so much and how I have managed to be pretty regular, writing in my blog. I guess, I never thought of it as something to 'maintain'. It was effortless and self-sustaining. 

So here's to my blog, for being there, and for hopefully continuing to do so, for as long as I can write!

Here's to a fabulous 500! :)

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