December 31, 2011

A loving adieu

A long time ago, I was a romantic fool. I had notions about the world that made it so rose-tinted, lacy-edged and splendid sounding, that I used to weep when it didn't live up to these expectations.

Everything changed in 2011. I grew up. I learnt.

...that your dealing with life is your own. That you cease to expect and start to live. A simple theory of self-settlement. And my peace was bought.

Last year, I dramatically wrote a letter to year 2010 that pleading...for 2011 to be at least marginally kind. It was more than that.

Meaningful, propelling and simply happy, 2011 was the year I found myself beginning to discover who I might be.

To the year that was- so special so splendid, here's a loving adieu! You'll be remembered fondly, and hopefully the one ahead has some nice stories to write as well.

Here's wishing everyone a promising new year!

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