April 25, 2011

Now, listen to me Time!

In footsteps
soft and nimble
you slipped away
from my sleepy hands

I am no market companion
for you to drag me along
window shopping across life.
Blurred, the shops pass me by!

I want to swim in your private pool
soak in the cool waters of present
buoying up on my dolphin float
with sunglasses to keep off glare!

Stop scolding me for looking back
no, there are no devils behind.
Stop slapping me for drifting off
I will not fall into the gorge!

I like you shiny bright and new
tossing your glossy curls behind
and walking beside me
whispering and giggling into my ears

now, listen to me, Time
We go slow and soft, and dance to the tunes
that mermen play from the sea
We then pick up shells and wear them like beads
and sip on juice and tea!

Time, dear time
vague friend of mine
listen to me this once
play by my rules
and don't run away
and leave me dazed and confused!


Farewell, dear Ahmedabad. Two years ended too soon. Chennai, here I come... happy-sad!

Ahmedabad, I will miss every bit of you! *sob, sniffle, quivering lip*

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