March 22, 2011


and in slumber
shapes appear
little golden sheep
and tortoises of bread

potatoes crackle over the stove
jackets getting roasted to russets
little soft hands lull you
back to the whitehead of softness

happiness like wine
turns the senses to sleep mode
barking dogs outside my window
have their scream fest

my thoughts' cacophony
slowly sorts itself into piles
one by one I stash them back
into shelves in my cupboard

fingers ache from a day's movement
feet cry at the cracks
lids shutter down like shop windows
and I breathe to the fan's hum

sleep, blessed sleep with many arms
sandman's gift blown into my eye
slowly you smuggle me into your wings
I fall. i faaallll i faa.....ldiueirjdfhdsj/.............


P.S: Happiness and sleep are a wonderful combination. After an unforgettably brilliant birthday, a proud and happy 24 year old is off to sleep! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, How was your birthday btw ? What was special ? ;) Anyways, really liked the last para ..

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

It went splendid. Thank you! May I know who this is? :)

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