February 11, 2011

My first film :)

Mami's Memories from Sandhya Ramachandran on Vimeo.

‘Mami’s Memories’ takes us through Janaki Mami’s and Nasreen’s act of cleaning old trunks on a hot afternoon. The village of Illundavoor, where this story is set, still is full of old-world charm and ancient beliefs. Although sons are sent abroad to study and work, and educated daughters roam the streets, the older generation is still holding on to its past. Nasreen represents the changing face of Illundavoor’s society and Janaki mami of its past. As both set out to discover the past and discard selective bits of it, some myths are broken, some beliefs reaffirmed, some more questions are raised… A simple slice-of-life from the village streets…

This film was selected from the Chennai Talent Campus, produced by Cord/Chord Studio and screened in the 4th Chennai International Film Festival.

Once again, Thank you Suresh for the understanding, Pradip for the editing and my family for all the love :)


Murali said...

How did you choose the background score. Initial part sounded like Harmonium and later like Sitar. Was this an original score produced on keyboard.

Why was the name of the younger character Nasreen. Is it to promote secular ideology.

The scene building up the tension of the wait has come out well.

Shreeram said...

Thanks for sharing Sandhya. Wanted see one of your creations for a long time.

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