January 05, 2011

Dear new year,

Your older sister was a mean bitch. She made sure I felt lonely, weird, confused and afraid. She also teased me with promises and left me in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, she took me out for coffee and treated me decently- as if to erase her evil bouts. And just before she left for good, she took me on a trip to this beautiful place called Diu, gave me an almost-unblemished time. I must say that was actually quite decent of her.

Now that you are here, everyday, I just want to sort a few things out. WE MAKE PEACE. Yes, we do. No matter what.

We also treat one another nicely. That way you get to see me happy genuinely. Also that way I get to spread the joy that I generally used to do sometime in the past. And trust me, everyone is going to love you for it. Now that is more than a fair deal!

Importantly, I have certain questions that are eating my head like lice. And these, you may have to answer this time. Let me rephrase that... you MUST answer this time round.

We go places together. We feel life.

Good work= No bitching. So you better get me there. I shall do all the investment of work, time and honesty.

If ever I dwindle in my sanity(which I highly doubt I ever would. I am blessed with boring clarity), pull me back before I do something silly.

I am too dumbly nice to people even if they look at me like they'll drive a stake through my heart. I am plump. I am messy with my things. Help me get meaner, leaner and cleaner. It is your moral responsibility.

Let me, for a change, not be blah, bleargh, urgh-y or any such random-noised-words-y.

For now, this sounds fine. We shall review the terms of contact on the way I suppose.

Welcome home!


Sandhya Ramachandran

P.S.: Please be good to me!!!!!


Mumbaimerchant2011 said...

2011 says : Plz listen to SUNSCREEN song to get more meaner, wiser, leaner and cleaner, and then it would be easier to make peace with you. ;)

saumya said...

totally you!!!!
"help me get meaner, leaner and cleaner" the best wish ever!!!
hoping to cya soon

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@ Saumya:
Thankoo! :D Yes! Hope to see you soon too! :)

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