September 21, 2010

My precious dear you!

Many many years ago, this day, you were born crying into this world. Something I could call my own. A sister. So small, but who'll grow up along with me. I vaguely remember being happy that there is someone now who'll always be around.

In the first few months of you entering my life, I slowly grew to feel left out. No one paid any attention to me anymore. I was not exclusive. I was going to share everything from now on. This pang lasted a while, but only later did I realize what a wonderful thing it is to share.

As we grew up, the fights exceeded the fun I thought we would have together. We barely understood each other, we were contrasting personalities- you the supposed quiet one, me the chatterbox. Little did we realize how beautifully we complimented one another and taught each other little things every day.

I remember how dainty-you kept her things clean and tidy, whereas scatterbrained-me was more of a messy freak. Your neatness and orderliness, even at such a young age, made me ashamed of the lack of them in me.

You had a style of your own even as a kid. You'd doll up beautifully, spend hours in front of the mirror, whereas in those days, I barely spent a second dressing up. You taught me what it meant to present oneself well.

My temper, my impulsiveness and emotional graphs got toned down in the presence of your maturity, composed nature and sensible self. Was I really the older one, you dear thing? You have taught me so much!

Not until we grew up to our late teens, in complete confidences, and long terrace walks; in mutual trust and simple sweet sisterly love, we discovered finally a wonderful friend in one another.

You know my ways, I have an obsessive compulsive disorder to explain in detail and give long descriptions of the why-how-what of my emotions! I have tried to tell you in a million ways how precious you are to me. It still somehow seems insufficient.

To my bundle of joy, my steady sweet support, the one I rush to every time I need, the one little thing that seems to love me so much despite my gazillion faults and failings, the person I miss acutely during happiness and sorrow, to my own precious little sister...

I wish you the best of birthdays and every single thing you dream of in your life at your feet. I wish dearly to be there by your side now, getting you a cake and showering you with gifts. But since I can't be, I am telling you that I wished for all of these. So forgive me for not sending you any gifts this time. :D You shall get them in double measure when I return!

Love you loads da! Miss you so much.


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