April 28, 2010

Reaching for the rainbows!

I'm embarking on my journey to Cumbum- my dear native land of simple joys. My excitement knows no boundaries, as this is a return after six years. But the added tag of shooting a travel documentary there is what is making me apprehensive.

Yes, a long aspired wish- almost 5 years of meditating on that later- I'm finally making it. There are still a million ways in which this shoot might not happen, and I'm hoping none of those ways interfere.

I badly want to do this documentary. First and foremost, for my dear Cumbum Thatha- as a dedication to him and his life.
Also for that wonderful gift of childhood that it gave me.
And thirdly, to fill in what my life is missing these days- self-sufficient calm.

I am asking all of you who read this to just send a wish and some strength floating towards me. It is a very important trip, and I hope it goes well.

Please put in a second of prayer for me. This means a whole lot!

Cumbum... here I come...

P.S: In case you want to see what the original inspiration was, these three posts below would help. Reading them, Arvind Caulagi suggested I think of making a film. THAT was the moment that has changed a lot of things in life.

Thank you Arvi!

Part One

Part Two
Part Three


Satish said...

Hey Sandhya,
This is Satish here. I have been reading your blog since the past few days and I really adore your style of writing. The varied themes of your posts, the exquisite details, the expression, everything about the blog seems pretty impressive. I make it a point to check your blog at least once everyday hoping to read something exciting, and of course, disappointment eludes me.
During today's routine visit, I happen to read this post and the previous posts mentioned therein. I am just more than happy to be the first one to fulfil your request and send you the best of wishes towards achieving what you are setting out to achieve during this trip. I am sure that none of the million ways hinted in the post would cross your path and also that this documentary would be awesome.
All the best and keep us updated .
Looking forward to your next post....

legspace said...

allllll the best!!!!!

shreeram said...

Good luck Sandhya.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@ Satish:
Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm really glad that you like my writing and look forward to it. My heartfelt thanks to you for all this encouragement! It sure goes a long way! :)
The shoot went really well and hopefully the footage reflects it. I'm yet to see the rushes. Once the edit is done, the documentary shall be available on my blog. Do check it out. It shall take a good many months, however! :D

Keep reading Satish and thanks a lot!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

@ legspace
Danke! :D

@ Shreeram anna:
Thank you anna! It went really well! :) And I'm so delighted to find that you still read my blog!!!

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