March 03, 2010

Snipping away...

I am snipping away...
not just the reel images that I once conceived
in a particular fashion
in a certain style
flowing to a perfect rhythm brewed.

I am snipping away...
also the fingernails that grew over
that hurt me when I clean my face
that scratch me in my sleep
the nails I let grow hoping to see prettier fingers.

Snipping is all I do in life
The baggage I carry
of thoughts and emotions
fashioned from mud, artistically by eager hands;
those very hands gripped each other in fear
when it saw the world had trampled it over
in naughty enthusiasm.

Snipping snipping snipping
cloth, film, hair, nails, thoughts, feelings
cutting to fit
some hand in glove
some feet in sock
some spirit into life
some happiness into days

snip those sad dreams
that wilted
snip away those idle thoughts
that wasted
snip away everything, just everything.


After five whole days of undiluted happiness, a poisoned drop of sadness pollutes. This is my self-cleans(i/o)g.

I am, asking too many questions out of life...

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Maira Gall