February 24, 2010

The Quest

When thoughts clog your senses down like a hair-infested gutter
When what you feel rules over your everydays
When distractions amount to mere reminders of what-is-to-come
When bubbles of questioning break the surface of your spirit
asking you for answers to the questions that you have asked a million times over
where do i hide my bandaged soul
where do I go plunge my hot-head full of worries?

No voice soothes these erupting pus-filled boils
No comforting book can provide a perennial balm

The inner struggle to truth continues
Questions questions and more questions
Of approaching events
of struggles to come
and oh most importantly of the scary battle with time
that everyone faces alone

Time that tests you
your patience
that knocks on the city gates of your resilient spirit
and comes calling to wander far.

Time that mocks your
arrogant wish for permanence
knowing the word exists
but in mere fragments of thoughts.

Time that takes away slowly
sometimes crudely
everything you tagged as your own
grabbing and breaking it all to smithereens.

Time that looms ahead
smiling an enigmatic smile
and in mock-challenge asking me
"Will you survive what I have in store for you?"

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall