February 08, 2010

One for the old times

Today was a day for all those old days. It was as if, like a reminder arrow mark pointing backwards at everything gone by.

"...what I feel has come and gone before..."( Rainy Days and Mondays- The Carpenters) was what echoed in my head again and again.

Lovely mild breeze floated across my window laden with memories and a dull sweet scent of the past. A mangled smell, of crushed happiness, powdered sadness- mixed together and concocted to a moderately bitter-sweet smell and tossed into the wind!

There was some romance in the air. Barely a sun, barely a chilly blast- just a fairy breeze that winked and whisked past you! Lilting music cheering the still thoughtful silence and pleasant company adding to the beauty of it all, in a cosy homely nest of a hostel room. And yes, a bug-in-the-rug feeling after nearly a day of depression.

Yes, Browning, I agree..."God's in his heaven, and all's fine with the world!"

Good day, all!

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