June 26, 2009

It is simply a wonderful feeling to be typing away from an i-Mac that has the best of speeds when it comes to the internet, sitting in the IT lab of the college-of-my-dreams!

One really can't ask for more.
And so, one stops talking!


Let life just be this way forever I wouldn't complain one bit too.



Vyazz said...

Howz ur new collage life?? Seem to be having a ball!!! My exams are over!!! :)
Will be back in Indian soon!!!

Anonymous said...

i am followin ur blog for quite some time. u r lines are poetic ..good work .

Armeen Kapadia said...

Nice to see the enthusiasm is still alive and kicking after coming to NID! Many of us here tend to become cynical, and we take NID for granted. Reading your post reminded me of how I felt 3 years back when I joined. I sill feel NID is one of the best places to be, (though I do indulge in my own share of cribbing!) and yeah, we are lucky to be here for sure :)

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