May 30, 2009


(words that came out of a chat conversation at 2:30 am with a dear friend!)

"There are no ifs and buts in life"~ Sunil Gavaskar

He used that sentence in a match,during commentary and although I don't remember the match or the date or who was playing against whom, that line stayed with me all through.

It was beautiful and very very true!

What you make out of your life- only YOU are responsible for it. There's no use saying "If only I had used up that opportunity", "If only I had not got myself into that mess".

They wont change things.

YOU decide!

One needs to be a decisive person, else, it's worse than death.

Inactivity eats away happiness like that worm that gnaws through your books. You wouldn't know or see a thing till it leaves behind that deep gashing hole...words eaten up...important words...whole chunks!

The story makes no sense anymore!
And the same applies to life...

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