April 15, 2009

Overwork and some mind-wanderings

As they've stated umpteen number of times, when there is plenty of work at hand, the mind generally rebels and refuses to do work like a snobbish girl asked to clean toilets!

My mind is in such a fanciful world, especially after the rich treat of 'Rose in Bloom' by Louisa May Alcott. The book just about gave me a new soul to call my own. It injected in me happiness and more old-fashioned virtues than Alcott could have ever imagined to sow, so many years later, in one of modern day's creations!

I've been termed 'Victorian' by quite a lot of people and I take a secret pride in being so. Old-fashioned values and principles are what I set for myself and have, thankfully, withheld to, all along. Books like these, just reinforce the faith in yourself and make you want to plough on in the hard path in today's fast times. all the more.

I have just so much work on my plate and as is wont to happen, creativity just refuses to walk along with me. My mind has frilled fairy wings right now and wills to take flight into those wispy arenas of the sky, where I suspect dreams wander.

A foundling called hope, that I had kept ignored and fettered all along, miraculously released itself and is circling around me in the primitive happiness of new-found freedom.

I feel a new joy that I hadn't known so far. This joy I last felt very long ago. But it is not a joy stemming from any external source. It is from deep within- like a secret song whose words nature taught just to me!

There is just one reason to this joy. I had misplaced my key to happiness in one of those many baggage we carry along with us. And all of a sudden, I realize, it was in the folded palm of the other hand that was not searching.

Well, Í DID require all the searching and grief for this unbridled joy of today.

After all, "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams"


With great happiness,

The Dreamy Dryad


Vyazz said...

Always nice to meet a fellow dreamer. Its always nice to have your mind elsewhere swirling amongst the clouds.
Nice post all in all....
Keep 'em coming!!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

:D Well, not for nothing am I The Dreamy Dryad! ;)

And earth DOES sometimes get a little too mundane for us dreamers,now, doesn't it? :)

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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