April 01, 2009

I'm woozy!

I don't care if I'm dieting!

I don't even care if I'm as girly as girly can get!

I'm going to celebrate the completion of The Princess Diaries with bread and Green Apple jam squeeze and chocolate sauce! Yes! RICHHHH and calorie-high food to celebrate all the mushiness and wooziness that I feel!



That was the most delectable and I-can-relate-SOOOOOOOO-completely series that ever existed in contemporary times.

I just worship the book and weep when Mia does and laugh with heart-glad-happiness when she's elated.

Omigod! I'm SOOOOO sad that the series ended, albeit in the BEST possible manner.

Forever Princess was the BEST book in the series and I absolutely LOVED reading it and was reading it with manic obsession.

I love the world that it sets- where things, even if they go horribly unimaginably wrong, just miraculously patch up and it ends in the most fairty-tale-ish way possible.

I wish...

Ah well! Michael Muscovitzes don't quite exist, do they? And even if they do, I wonder if I'd ever find one.

And Mia- you ROCK, POG! :D

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