March 22, 2009

A dozen roses...



...and a dozen roses be given to the girl

one for every virtue a woman shall need

for no more is she just a frivolous happy child

A woman has risen in her soul, indeed.


The little girl, I saw, I knew

whose nature and heart, so like mine, grew

A soul-sister, a twin apparition- call it what may

To that dear girl, these dozen red roses for her day.


Give her one rose for spirit and strength

She shall need it in the world, at length.

Give her another with a crimson soul at its core

For all the happiness and joys to pour.


A third rose, for faith, to preserve

to live the life that she wants and deserves.

Another one for hope to flutter

forever a chant behind her fancies, to utter!

Give her a fifth rose to muster courage

To fight the odds, that on her barrage.

A sixth one, for milady, for simple joys

To love the trivial, to greed- destroy.


The seventh rose, for victory immense,

To march forth and bridge the distance.


Eighth of the roses for a resilient sense

To build up her cover and keep defense.

Oh to the girl, give a ninth one of red hue!

To spread her smiles to other people too.


The tenth rose for kindness and truth

For a compassionate ear and a character of depth.


Give her a eleventh for patience to take hold

To help keep vigil, as dark times unfold.

The last of the dozen roses, for love, gift my girl,

She will see it bloom as the magic shall unfurl.

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Unknown said...

its really awesome...i knew roses wld make u happy...i jus hope my roses bring into ur life all tat u hav quoted....cheers!!!

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