November 28, 2008


(dedicated to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack and all others victimized by terrorism in today's world)


I wake up in the morn,

wanting to smell the rain

But instead of the wet mud

I smell blood stains.


I wake up in the morn

wanting to hear the church bells

Suddenly some bombs explode

singing the death knell.


I no more can go to the shops

and ask for my chocolates and gum

Mom is scared and worried

and dad says the terrorists will come.


I hear grandma talk of freedom

how she bravely fought for the cause.

but when I look out of the windows

she screams, all angry and cross!


I seem to have no streets

to run and play and fall!

There is no place to cycle

no place to hide and crawl


I am a little kid of seven

with her book and toys and doll

Why can't I smile in peace

It is my world too, after all!

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I.M.Sharma said...

I am impressed and want to reproduce your poem in the poetry page of our journal LAW ANIMATED WORLD. Hope you will gladly consent. Please let me know urgently by e-mail or kindly ring me up in the morning. Thank you - I. MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA, Advocate,
6-3-1243/156, M.S. Makta, Hyderabad - 500082.
Ph: 040 - 23300284.

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