November 28, 2008


(dedicated to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack and all others victimized by terrorism in today's world)


I wake up in the morn,

wanting to smell the rain

But instead of the wet mud

I smell blood stains.


I wake up in the morn

wanting to hear the church bells

Suddenly some bombs explode

singing the death knell.


I no more can go to the shops

and ask for my chocolates and gum

Mom is scared and worried

and dad says the terrorists will come.


I hear grandma talk of freedom

how she bravely fought for the cause.

but when I look out of the windows

she screams, all angry and cross!


I seem to have no streets

to run and play and fall!

There is no place to cycle

no place to hide and crawl


I am a little kid of seven

with her book and toys and doll

Why can't I smile in peace

It is my world too, after all!


Unknown said...

get lost wiz ur stupid aint bring ne sort of relief...u guys hav neva bin thru it, so its so fuckin easy 2 jolt down sumfin wich u feel gud...if u can't smile in peace its coz of ur laxism of havin pro-active measures taken to smile in peace...i lost my cousin in zat stuf...hope zat u guys don meet such a fate...start using ur brains to carry on a legitimate fight, dumb bugs...

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Kheertee.. tat was a rude comment you left on my blog. I neither intended to bring relief nor anything. It was my personal way of expressing some feeling. I get it that you are grieved for your cousins. I am so sorry for that. I hope you did not take any offense from my poem. It was a personal poem in my personal blog. And I really don't think it deserves those rude words

I AM~~ ME said...

hey sandhya

those who are affected will be in no mood to read or appreciate your poem,as u know,they can't smile in peace!

what i liked is the simplicity of the poem that touches me.

sindhuja( DAV junior,van mate,bhoomika's more clues, u know me! )

Anonymous said...

@kheertee "u guys hav neva bin thru it" - Well you do not have to go through this in order to understand what its like to lose a loved one.
Well now i wonder if some idiot went and screamed at John Lennon or Coven for writing songs on war and peace! Grow Up.

And sandhya, your poem was good. I do not think there's anything rude in your poem.

Satish N said...

Ah, quite a touching one dude. These kinds of things will now be a part of our life, so be ready for more poems. Our politicians are more dangerous than terrorists. I don't see a change to kick-in with these irritating politicians around.

Anonymous said...

beautifully writtren, well structured. keep writing:)

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