July 14, 2008


The last-but-one day of submission. We were asked to assemble at the Seminar hall for a small lec-dem on Resist software followed by the post-workshop quiz. And then we had to head to the studios.

Our pyramid concept seemed to pose troubles and my partner was going beyond hyper! :P And I was slightly losing my cool but considering how she was not familiar with computer execution of projects, I understood her position and kept calm.

More MP3 wars and food and glasses after glasses of nimbupaani went by and work was going snail pace. :D

I began to make sincere efforts to get to know everyone in the group. I began to pick conversations, get introduced and get chatty much to my poor partner's escalating blood pressure.

Work officially ceased at 12. Jibi and I however burnt oil post-midnight in our hostel rooms and slept a couple of hours. We got up again at 5 and resumed work till 10 am the next morning!

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