July 14, 2008


Day 3 was supposed to be a complete intensive studio sessions-with-breaks type. We headed directly to the never-ending drawing studio and the ice-cold computer labs to work.

The lemon juice(made mildly bitter by squeezing it too much), the terrible coffees and worst-ever chais with some yummy biscuits sustained us.

Eddie, Bhasker, Munazza and I took up the round table and bonded like hell. If Nimbupaani made Eddie sweet enough to get me every possible thing to eat at regular intervals, our songs brought a DJ-war between us. This would make Monazza clutch her hair in despair and ask us to shut up and Bhasker would keep a bottle of water in front and urge us to "doob mar"-ofy in the "chunnu-bhar ka paani"! :P And trust me to hear that as "chulha bar paani"! :P

Between Jibi's exasperated Tamil dialogues, Saranya's constant help and Saumya's frequent "I give up"s, we had FUN working! :D

The early-dinner on paneer rolls and dew and real juice and cakes with Nishita, Saranya, Jibi(DUH!), Saumya, Aditi, Rahul and Umadhar turned out to be super fun! Not only did we eat like there's no tomorrow and go berserk talking, we also confirmed plans to go for 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane na' and tour the city!

Work ceased officially at 12. We hit the canteen in the girls hostel for some food and I ended up staying a while with Aditi and Saumya talking. Nidhi, who works in Kanpur and stays at IIT-K, was giving us a list of places to go to. Hit the bed at around 1-ish.

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