July 14, 2008



Reach we did for the stipulated 8:30 am seminar, but at the wrong seminar hall! After some searching, calling and exercising my thoota-phoota Hindi speaking skills(sans Tamil accent! Ha! I'm proud of the fact that everyone I have spoken to so far, has told me "tumhari hindi sahi hain. Aur tamil accent bhi nahin!!!" Arrey waah! ;D ), we found the right place.

After registration and inauguration and a few mutual exchanges, we set off for the ever-necessary 'group photograph'. At that time I was like, "God knows how many of these people I'm ever gonna remember. But yeah...whatever! I'll pose!".

Well, for once I was mistaken and GLAD I was! :D

Enter seminar hall after the photo shoot, and we have a monstrous quiz which I had no clue about(once more I was mistaken. I scored a decent 14 on 25! :P). The sessions soon started and we had interesting lecture hours with earthquakes, structural behaviour during quakes, techniques to prevent collapse etc. Then the dreaded design problem was introduced. We were to design a multi-storey residential complex with around 160-190 houses in the span of 2.5 days!!!

And for this we were divided into pairs to work. Nishita(the cake-holding Guwahati girl from the previous night's convo near the room-without-the-fan) sweetly asked me to be her partner. But then there began this whole big issue as to 'partners kaise choose karein'. Deciding on lots, I finally ended with Ashwini from AOA,Mumbai a III yr student.

This whole partner-separating session stemmed off some issues, which I was asked to resolve, as Nishita found me the 'most reasonable person of the lot'. From then began a time where responsibility began to be thrust upon me and people began to think I was some self-appointed leader and hated my guts! :P

In the process of resolving Nishita's group mates' issue, we became acquainted with fellow-tamil speaking Saranya from Chennai and the entire Guwahati College junta. We also got to speak to this super-snooty-cum-i'm-too-intelligent-to-be-talking-to-you-looking peeps from Chandigarh.

We somehow resolved the issue and ended up going for Adithya(Audi's) birthday treat at the restaurant near the IIT Supermarket. Some yummy paranthas and panner guzzled down with fanta-later, we realised this was the very same brat-pack that refused us answers the previous night in their Audi-budday-celebrations!

Chuckling, we bonded over the bitchings and food and took some crazy snaps(on the road, at the traffic police-ka-stand, with random kids who thought we were victims of some hit-and-run on campus etc) and established a wonderful friendship! :)

A movie on the Mexico quake followed where AGAIN I happened to walk in late and hence was entrusted with operating the projector!!! Some more 'god this girl is so exasperating' looks were passed. I am so used to people hating me in the beginning, that I ignored those looks! :P

Day one ended with people knowing who Sandhya was and hating her for her supposed 'self-made leader' attitude! :(

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