June 27, 2008


As I snugly sat in my sofa watching a nice Bengali movie called 'Mahanagar'(a Satyajit ray classic) and while my mother was dilligently cutting up some spinach for the oncoming dinner of dal and jeera rice, the earth shook!!!

As I live near the railway station, our initial reaction was a very calm- "is it a goods train?" My sister sitting in the same room barely felt a thing!!! By the time we realised that it, indeed and unfortunately so, a quake, the jitters began!!!

I have this weird giddiness after every quake. I don't know if it is a physical reaction to the quake or a mental state that translates to a state of light-headedness! But I've been a little dizzy ever since!

Just two calls came in after the quake. Half the people didn't feel it and don't know of it yet! The news channels haven't started their, "Chennaiyil bhoogambam; makal padatram" rounds yet!

although extremely jittery, my mom continued to cut the spinach and I resumed watching Mahanagar. Four quakes and a tsunami later, we are well aware of the futility of life, I guess. And also, we were hoping that our building experiences a million tremors a day(due to the trains) that one more wouldn't quite damage it.

I AM scared. But well, one can only hope it was a minor earthquake and nothing happened to life and property anywhere in the world!

God bless the world.

(P.S.: It does seem uncanny that this quake happens just after Dasavatharam talks of tsunamis! Sheesh! Why can't Kamal Hassan make movies about global harmony and universal peace?! *rolls eyes*)


UPDATE: Quake hits Andaman Islands. Recorded 6.7 in the Richter scale. Tremors were felt in Nungambakkam and Koyambedu area and many other parts of Chennai!



Sheks said...

Unakku Bengali teriyumaa?

Aravind said...

lol!! :D
hope kamal stops filming such big disasters!!!

Aravind said...

blame it on kamal :P

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