June 23, 2008


Words seem to fail me when it comes to how much this bunch means to me! Every once I meet them, they reinforce my faith in life. The elusive happiness that we are all searching for-these people help me see it!

I don’t know if it was God’s way of telling me he cares for me or if it was just good ol’ Dame Luck- I knew them through unexpected means and am I glad!!!

One of the best bunch of friends I have, one of the most reliable and funniest lot too! When I do whacky things, they won’t laugh- because they too will want to do the same! Be it watching Gabtun movies together, making mad gifts, talking Rahman 24X7, playing Harry Potter quizzes at Barista, breaking guitar strings :P, fighting on who’s got the best/worst handwriting- innocent, perverted, normal, abnormal and weird- together, we just live life like it should be!

Known as the official thanks giver of the group, I really want to thank that ‘whatever’ that has brought this beautiful friendship about. They are my cushions- whenever life fails to make me feel happy, it just takes a moment of meeting them to set things right! :)

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Maira Gall