October 02, 2007


I'm being taught lessons in life! Important or not-I cannot fathom. It is just a very trying and difficult phase wherein I'm bing put to tests, being punished and through all these bitter experiences, being taught some lessons!

When did it all begin?! These unsubscribed tutorials? In actuality, it started somewhere in late-2005...where I first learnt that not all your dreams come true. It hurt my ego-infact ripped it apart and tore it to unrecognisable little bits. It took me almost an year and a half to sew them back together and do a 'reparo' on it!

The next lesson I learnt was more painful than anything! I lost my friend to the Last Reaper. May 2006, it was! That fateful day I can divide my life by- everything previous to it was childhood and everything after was a more difficult and confused phase of beginning adulthood! I learnt-you are always alone in this world. Everyone else comes and drifts away. NO ONE stays with you. I felt lost and lonely. And somehow..that feeling hasn't gone yet! It was a bitter painful heart-wrenching lesson! A lesson where I also learnt that there are very bad eggs in the world and I never can isolate myself from sorrow. From that day-even my most happiest moments have a tinge of sad associated. Everytime I smile, a question gets whispered in some cranny of my mind-"will this last?".

Then there was another lesson-one of a kind! Wherein I learnt that you never know who will pull you down and you need to always make up your mind for disappointments and downfalls. Trust people but also be prepared that not always will they be worthy of your trust! After all, we're all mistake-making mortals!

And now... yet another lesson is being taught. One of patience. To a person known for her impulsiveness! A very difficult and agonising lesson!
I'm patiently waiting- for it to complete its tutelage!

Why these lessons? For what?
I know not!
But well, I have no choice but to learn... yes... patiently!


Aravind said...

>>I have no choice but to learn

exactly!! whn it cant be avoided, the best solution is to accept it, knowing that all these lessons make us a stronger, better and more experienced individual!

Vani Viswanathan said...

>>And now... yet another lesson is being taught. One of patience

The best! And probably what we need the most! And, sadly, the toughest thing to learn!

Shiv said...

It is always part of a life...But all dark moments are somehow accompanied by light..
Mebbe we dont recognise it, it mite be hidden. But it sure is... Life teaches us lessons to make us stronger. I dunno after all these hardships throughout r life, where we gonna use this strength...but watever this is how life is...
Everything happens for a reason...
All will be well..
Keep smiling


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