October 26, 2007


It was one of those perfect moments you read about in fairy tales. After a hard toiling four months, you wake up one morning-free of most cares that troubled you through the trial period and you see the whole world looks like a murky painting.

As I rose, the rain suddenly poured down, the wind howled in dangerous tones, the sky turned a shade greyer-although early morn and a million pattering noises greeted me a "Mornin'!"

The five minutes that succeeded my waking, as I stood in the balcony while the rainy day rose from the embers of a moonlit bathed nightly slumber, a fine spray of rain with a mild earthy fragrance kissed me their new-day greetings and a gust of wind roused me fresh!

Ah! What a lovely feeling it is to be alive and breathing in this beautiful world!
God bless the world and mankind!



Vani Viswanathan said...

Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!! Do I read that internship is over?! CONGRATS! Me knows exactly how it feels! The world's simply a much nicer place to live in!

Aravind said...

yaaay.... feels gooooood to see such a cheerful post on ur blog after quite some time!!! :P

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