October 04, 2007


Fear is the greatest enemy and mostly the one that truly predicts reality. You fear for what/who you care the most!

You think you'll lose people,things,love,position,power,money,peace,etc in the pursuit of life!
We dream, over-imagine, fabricate stories in the mind, wander aimlessly in the tunnels of within to come up with fear!

It is scary to get hurt again; but no one travelled around the world waiting for the sun to raise in their backyards! I need to move, make the choice, take the risk, plunge deep into the testy scary waters.

I hope my fears are unwarranted and respite isn't long away!
I wish I could stop thinking and analysing life so much! But that just wouldn't be me. I confuse myself and fear the possibilities of yet another whiplash!

Ah...but I hope life and God aren't so cruel!
After all... hope is the one anchor I bank on!


Aravind said...

is it an early morning post ??.Just curious to know how quickly google reader updates.on the post its very very true..

Aravind said...

oh.. i'm gonna be bored of typing "Been there, done that" comments in ur blog!!!

//I wish I could stop thinking and analysing life so much//

It's easy to say and so tough to do!!! enjoy life as it comes!!

Rohit said...

"Fear is The Key"....isn't it?

Rohit said...

"Fear is the Key" isnt it?

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