October 26, 2007


(dedicated to... ah! I wish I could fill these blanks with some real name... :P I dunno why I'm posting this. But somehow I felt like.. I've been repeatedly listening to this song, untiringly for the past one hour!Oh well.. that is reason enough! and look here------> for yet another reason! ;D )

song - thoda thoda
singer - S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam, chitra
music - ARR
lyrics - vairamuththu
film - indira
Cast Anuradha Hasan, Arvind Swami, Nasser, Radha Ravi
Director Suhasini Mani Ratnam
Music- A. R. Rahman
Script-Mani Ratnam

thodaththoda malarnthathenna pUvE
thottavanai maRanthathenna
pArvaikaL puthithA SparisangkaL puthithA
mazhai vara bhOOmi maRuppathenna


antha iLa vayathil ATRangkarai maNalil
kAladith thadam pathiththOm yAAr aziththAr?
nanthavanak karaiyil nattu vaiththa sediyil
mottu vitta muthar pUvai yAr pariththAr?
kAthalan thINdAtha pOokkaLil thEnillai
idaiveLi thANdAthEY en vasam nAnillai

thodaththoda malarnthathenna pOovE
sudachuda nanainthathenna
pArvaikaL puthithu SparisangkaL puthithu
narampukaL pinnappinna nadukkamenna


panithanil kuLiththa pAlmukam kANa
irupathu vasanthangkaL vizhi vaLarththEn
pasiththavan amutham parukidath thAnE
pathinEzu vasanthangkaL ithazh vaLarththEn
ithazh mOodum malarAka ithayaththai maRaikkAthE
malar koLLum kATRAAka ithayaththai ulukkAthE



Aprilslady said...

'Thoda thoda' is one of MOST ROMANTIC compositions EVER of Rehman...with Arvind Swamy in the picture, one needn't say more.

WHERE did you get this awesome snap ;o)?

Aravind said...

This is definitely among my top 10 rahman songs....
and ya, I do remember what u told me sometime back when we were listening to this one - this is his best song, even better than shauk hai :D

Unknown said...

Have you seen him lately ? You might reconsider your dedication . As for the song - It's gold !! :)

hari said...

ennamo ponga.... oru thinusa than irukku

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