October 27, 2007


It really is annoying to wait endlessly.. for simple everyday things to happen- phone to ring, get a cup of coffee, for a friend, important communication, better things in life, inspiration- EVERYTHING!

I really don't get the point as to why we put so much effort into being better human beings by grinning and bearing with troubles and trials! yesyesyes! I'm the one who goes about preaching optimism and the 'grin-and-bear-it-and-this-too-shall-pass' theories!

But, yes!!! There's a limit to patience. I'm almost reaching it but sadly, I fall back to my own stupid policy!

God... give me some inspiration or change or motivation that is not just self-driven! I'm tired of being the ONLY source of my happiness! It's good, agreed! I am not hurt by others these days and neither do I bother about universal acceptance and popularity and crap like that! I just LOVE being on my own, derive immeasurable pleasure in being such a huge bountiful well of my own smiles. But now, I wish there were other people/things that make me smile. I mean.. I'm the source for so many ppl's happiness or so they keep declaring every now and then! Whither are my sources?!

I've isolated myself...or rather my soul... from external influences as far as possible. That's the biggest lesson I learnt in the past 4 months. Now I'm unable to unlearn it! I'm becoming a stone! Oh damn! This post is sooooo morbid!!!Where's the girl who smiled every once a while for li'l things that other said or did! ok! I'm confused. I need a break and tat comes ONLY after Nov 10! Damn... let time run a sprint!!!

URGH! Now.. do NOT ask me to WAIIIIIT!!! X(

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